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Troubles of the past: Cisco

Configure login with a username

username admin privilege 15 password cisco
conf t
no aaa new-model
line con 0
login local

Configure logging

By default, cisco switches are not configured for saving history, you can use the following to enable it:

conf t
log config
logging enable 100
notify syslog

To watch the history of commands:

show archive log config all

Configure port mirroring

monitor session 1 source interface gigabitethernet0/1
monitor session 1 destination interface gigabitethernet0/2

Remove port security configuration

conf t
int g1/0/<portNumber>
no switchport port-security
no shutdown

Cisco switch cannot save configuration

If you’re having troubles with saving your configuration using:


Please check the register type and then try again:

conf terminal
no system ignore startupconfig switch all
config-register 0x102
write mem

Convert bundle to install mode

software expand running to flash:
configure terminal 
boot system switch all flash:packages.conf 

Cleanup old versions

Cisco switches have limited disk space, therefor, you can use the following to clean old image versions:

software clean

Install new IOS version

To install a new version, use the following:

software install file flash:<New_IOS_File_Name>.bin

Make sure that manual boot is not enabled:

show boot
no boot manual

Upgrade license level

If you want various features such as multicast, you need to upgrade the license level:

license right-to-use activate ip-services all accepteula